Time Travel

I love circles. They inspire me. Perfectly symmetrical circles or less perfect drawn by hand ellipses, all are beautiful, I am not biased. I love many things that are circles from polka dots, which make happy, to clocks that simply make me feel good. I have enjoyed clocks since I was a child. I believe my appreciation came from my grandfather who worked on clocks. The workmanship that went into building a clock intrigued me, all those gears working together in unison was amazing.

Last week I shared a part of my collection of found objects. I thought this week I would share one of my pieces involving found objects and my love for circles and clocks. I called it Time Travel.  I used 2 very different found objects in this piece, an old disc from my grandmother’s meat grinder and a fan cover off an old cpu that my son and I chopped up for parts. These 2 items are decades apart in age and add to the time travel theme, though they both involve the wonderful circle.

The circle. It’s timeless. Never ending. Infinite.

Time Travel_sm

This piece is currently for sale in my Etsy shop and can be found here: Time Travel 8 x 10

Found Objects

Found objects, like a true magpie, I find them everywhere. Though not all sparkly, actually most of them tend to be rusty and worn, yet still they glisten in the light calling my name asking to be picked up. I find them along my way during life. Whether it’s in the parking lot at a local printer that I am visiting for a press check or walking through the parking lot when I’m out grocery shopping.

Then there are times that I save things that are worn out or broken so that I can repurpose them, giving them new life.

Found Objects

I wanted to share with you part of my collection. A map from 1948 that I found in book that was used in a photo shoot. A couple of nice feathers from a trip to the partk with my kids. Some buttons from my grandmothers old button box. Some guitar strings from my husbands guitar. Some old smashed, rusted bottle caps. Some jewelry that I discovered at a garage sale. An old plastic key from some toy handcuffs that I have already spray painted. Some silver spoons from the antique store down the street. (I already cut off the bowl of the spoons and made necklaces.) I think there may be a few more pieces in there too.

What are some of your favorite things?