Book Page Background & Modeling Paste

I often end up working on more than one project at a time for several different reasons. One being that when I get a chance to work in my studio for any extended amount of time I try to get as much done as possible, this means while I’m waiting for one layer to dry I work on another project.

Here are a couple of projects that I am currently working on.

Engineering bkgrnd

This first one is just the beginning stage, the all important book page background layer. This one is special though because rather than just words, it features the most interesting drawings. I found this awesome book on one of my garage sale expeditions, a Tool Engineers Handbook from 1949.  The pages are so thin that when I glued them down you could see the type from the other side of the page show through giving it another visual layer.

Modeling Paste

This one shows a close-up of modeling paste used with some letter stencils.  I have been watching videos and reading some great things from other artists using modeling paste and decided I wanted to try it. I do believe I am in love with it and will definitely be using it more in my work. I love the dimension that it adds.

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